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The Benefits To Mulching Your Beds

woodrow holding mulch

We like to think of mulch as the Swiss Army blade of gardening - it does a little bit of everything when it comes to maintaining healthy beds. With our mulch, you can create a healthy, sustainable, low-maintenance garden that will last all season long. And the best part is the mulch then works for you doing these three key things:


Mulch can be your secret weapon when it comes to preventing those pesky weeds. A nice thick bed of mulch - about two and half to three inches deep - can help prevent weeds from ever emerging. And there’s no need to worry about the seeds or roots that are already in the soil. Mulch helps to block sunlight, which is essential for weeds to grow. While weeds will try to fight their way through it, if your mulch layer is thick enough, it will suppress all but the most resilient. Let’s be real, weeds are ugly and unwanted but mulch is the friend you have been looking for to help reduce those weeds that steal nutrients from your plants.


In general, mulch is also a great asset for your garden health. Whether you're growing fresh vegetables or  anticipating those Spring blooms, mulch helps improve the soil’s moisture and prevents plants from drying out too quickly. In addition, it increases soil nutrition as the mulch decomposes which improves soil structure by reducing soil erosion and soil compaction, as well as provides better drainage and better use of nutrients for your garden. A win, win, win if you ask us. 

It also works to maintain optimal soil temperatures by creating a barrier from the heat and cold, so it’s great for that unpredictable weather in the Midwest. It will protect shallow-root plants from freeze damage and frost-heave and also make sure the soil doesn’t dry out. 


And, of course, mulch gives your home or business a fresh and appealing look that will have others stopping in their tracks. GreenCycle has an assortment of options - from dyed to premium fine grind mulches in a variety of colors - that will give your house that extra pop this Spring.

When it comes to gardening, mulch is not only the sexy choice, but it’s also a great way to control soil erosion and prevent unsightly weeds.

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