The Family Business

Growing up in the Midwest, the four Repenning brothers dreamt of owning an organic recycling business. Okay, not really, but their unique talents did lead them to mulching greatness. Intellectual Nelson, sociable John, pragmatic Win, and entrepreneurial Jamie would each play an important role in the family business — delivering high quality landscape products directly to homeowners in Indiana.

30 Years of Sustainability

In 1992, mom Caroline and dad Peter started GreenCycle as a composting service. In those days, the “far out” idea of organic and food waste recycling was foreign to most Hoosiers. In the first few years, the only consistent items we received were wood waste, like downed trees and brush piles. So, we made lemons (wood waste) into lemonade (mulch). In modern parlance, we pivoted. We’ve been grinding, dying, and selling mulch ever since.

Among the first

Did you know that GreenCycle was one of the first mulch providers in Indiana to grind wood waste to make mulch? You might say, our mulch brought all the boys to the yard.